About us

Japan Bangladesh System Create Limited is a Japan – Bangladesh joint venture company founded in 2019. Its short forms JB System Create Ltd.

We started three businesses, the IT business, and the Energy System Business and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Business with the high aspiration to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world.

In the IT business, we accommodate a wide range of customer requests, from website design and mobile application development.

In the energy system business, we will build a system that uses renewable energy such as solar and biogas to prevent global warming in emerging countries with strong demand for energy infrastructure development.

In the EPC business, we carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to the clients. Our client to the EPC Contractors will normally have a presence in the EPC Contractors offices during the execution of the EPC Contract.


We strive to develop an environment-friendly system that pleases our customers, based on the principle of “Nothing superior to quality”.


We will always be aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations when working on the development 

Our Partners

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Our Team

Our highly skilled and experienced team consists of staff with knowledge from many industry sectors using many different technologies.

Tomokimi Mizuno

Tomokimi Mizuno


Tomokimi Mizuno graduated from MEIJI University, Tokyo, with a bachelor’s degree of Mechanical Engineering, majored in Thermal Engineering. He worked for AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd., Aichi, TOYOTA MOTOR Corp. and TOYOTA TURBINE & SYSTEM. He was in charge of the developments of Stirling engine, Micro machine for medical use and Biogas generation system in AISIN, Gas turbine co-generation system and Gas engine co-generation system in TOYOTA and TOYOTA TURBINE & SYSTEM.

Md. Delowar Hossain Ripon

Md. Delowar Hossain Ripon

Managing Director, Manager of Energy System department

Delowar Hossain Ripon 20+ years of experience working with renowned Japanese Companies maintaining a good relationship with Japanese citizens. He has graduated from a renowned university in Bangladesh. He worked for one year in a reputable Korean shipping company. He is currently the Managing Director of the JB Bio Gas Project. Besides, he’s the owner of a restaurant named Spring Onion.

Masudur Rahaman

Masudur Rahaman

Manager, IT Business Department

Masudur Rahaman is a Master of Japanese Studies from University of Dhaka and his major concentration Japanese Kaizen and Technology. He has completed BSc in Computer Science from Institute of Information Technology (IIT). He also received the long-term and short-term different certificates like Software testing, Japanese language, project management and other’s IT vendor exam